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  National Day of Nuclear Technology in Iran

  date: 9/04/2017

  time: 12:36

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The 20th of the solar Iranian year of Farvardin, corresponding to April 8 is marked as the National Day of Nuclear Technology in Islamic Iran due to Islamic Republic of Iran’s access to peaceful nuclear technology on this day. 

The Islamic Revolution, the Iranians’ Sacred Defense during the 8-year imposed war, and access to peaceful nuclear technology can be considered as the sides of the triangle of honor, independence, and progress of the Islamic Republic of Iran throughout its 33-year existence.

Six years ago, on this day, the news of Iran’s access to the uranium enrichment technology, and launch of a complete chain of enrichment in Natanz nuclear site was announced by the Iranian and global media and this day was named as the National Day of Nuclear Technology, concurrent with the completion of the nuclear fuel cycle.

Iran’s access to its most important scientific and historical achievement, and completion of the third side of this triangle, on one hand, led to the scientific development and progress of this country in the global scene and materialization of the Iranian nation’s talents and potentials, and on the other hand, led to intensification of enmities of Western regimes against Iran.

The nuclear technology consists of many engineering and basic sciences and is currently monopolized by a few countries, worldwide. If nuclear technology is used appropriately, it provides clean, ample, cheap and long-lasting nuclear energy. Given the fact that fossil fuels and energies end in the future, significant importance is attached to peaceful nuclear technology.

The Iranian youths, with their hard efforts, set the stage for fulfillment of this historical achievement and broke the monopoly of nuclear know-how by a few powerful countries. They also led Iran to attend the international scene as a mighty Islamic country. Meanwhile, the sacred Islamic system has always announced that it will not retreat an iota from the inalienable rights of Iranian people and will stand firm against all global enmities and pressures.

On this day, Islamic Iran clearly announced to oppressed people across the world that they can also achieve their goals.


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