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  Martyrdom Anniversary of Imam Musa al-Kadhim (AS)

  A little about Imam Musa al-Kadhim (AS)

  date: 22/04/2017

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 25th of Rajab is the martyrdom anniversary of the Holy Prophet’s 7th Infallible Successor, Imam Musa Al-Kadhim (AS). He was born on 7th of Safar year 128 Hijrah at the land of Abwa situated between holy cities of Makkah and Madinah.

His mother Hameeda Khatoon (AS) described that, "when my son came to the world, he set his head on ground for prostration, and thanked God, and this is the sign of his Imamate."

Yaqoob Siraj says I happened to visit Imam Sadiq (AS) in Madinah, I saw him near the cradle of his son Imam Musa Al-Kadhim (AS). I saluted him and he cheerfully answered it. Then he said, "Come near the Imam succeeding me and salute him." I came close and saluted. He responded eloquently and said, "God has given you a daughter to whom you have not given a good name. Go and change her name."

History tells about his forbearance and patience that, "the enemy use to feel shy and ashamed by his morality and nice behavior." There lived a man in Madinah, whenever he saw the Imam (AS) he would stop him and use foul language about him. The friends of Imam (AS) said, "Permit us to reprimand him." Imam (AS) said, "Leave him alone and do not bother him." A few days passed and there were no news about him. Imam (AS) enquired after his health. They said he has gone out of Madinah towards his agricultural fields. Imam (AS) rode upon the horse and moved towards the fields. When that man saw the Imam he shouted from a distance "Do not enter my field I am an enemy of you and your fore fathers."

Imam came near him. Saluted and enquired after his health and well-being and said kindly to him, "How much have you spent over these fields." He replied, "A hundred dinars." He asked, "How much profit do you expect from it." He said, "Two hundred dinars." Imam took out a bag containing three hundred dinars and gave it to him and said, "Take this amount and the agricultural (products) fields may also be yours."

The rude and impudent man who had been taking liberties with Imam (AS) for a long time, and did not expect such a thing, was very much ashamed. When Imam (AS) returned to Madinah he said, "Repulse the evil from yourself in this way."

In one of his statements the Imam says: "Participate in the gathering of thinkers and keep close to them even though you find no place to sit and are forced to stand, for, God revives dead hearts under the blessing of wisdom in the same way that He revives the dead land through rainfall."

Once the Imam (AS) sent Haroun (Ar-Rashïd) a letter in which he expressed his displeasure with him, saying: "No day of tribulation passes me until a day of ease passes you, so that we will all perish and (be resurrected) on the endless day when those who say false things shall be losers."

The famous historian Yaqoubi writes: During a long period of imprisonment in Haroun’s jail, a person suggested that the Imam write a letter to one of the officials to procure his release. In response, Imam Al-Kadhim (AS) gave a clear and decisive answer, saying: "One day God revealed to Prophet David that: “If any servant seeks refuge in other than Me, I will deprive him of My mercy.”

Such steadfastness unnerved the Abbasids, and the cruel Caliph, Haroun Ar-Rashid, poisoned the food of the Imam in the jail of Baghdad. The dose proved fatal and the 7th Imam kissed martyrdom on this day in 183 AH.

However, Haroun Ar-Rashid was afraid to admit his crime and he bribed the chief justice to testify that no bodily harm had befallen Imam Musa Al-Kadhim (AS). His holy dead body was placed on the bridge of Baghdad and people were coerced to come and witness that they were no signs of foul play on the body.

The Imam was laid to rest in what has since grown into the town of Kadhemayn in honor of the twin golden-domed mausoleum, where the people from not only Iraq but from throughout the world come to pay respects and pray to God to grant them their needs, that are miraculously answered.

Some of the sayings of Imam (AS) are:

"He is not from us one who gives up his material world for his religion or his religion for the life of this world."

“Always say the right thing although it may lead to your loss.”

“Whenever you get a pious leader and ruler (then) thank God for this boon.”

“Be tough and strict with the cruel so that you may take the right of the oppressed from him.”

“The best of generosity is the help to the oppressed.”

“The world is soft and beautiful like a snake but there is a (disastrous) killer poison hidden inside it.”

“If there is a walnut in your hand and people say that it is a pearl, their saying will not benefit you in any way when you know that it is actually a walnut. And if there is a pearl in your hand and people say that it is a walnut, their saying will not harm you in any way when you know that it is actually a pearl.”

“Indeed cultivation and growth takes shape in a soft, even land and not in a rocky (barren) land. Likewise, wisdom grows and develops in a humble heart and not in a proud, vain and arrogant heart”.

“There is nothing seen by your eye but it has a lesson in it”.



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