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  Scientific power, strong point of Shia seminaries

  date: 10/08/2017

  time: 12:22

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Speaking at a farewell and inauguration ceremony for the head of Eastern Azerbaijan seminary which was held at Imam al-Asr (as) seminary school in Tabriz on Sunday, Ayatollah Alireza Arafi, head of Iranian seminaries, highlighted the great influence of Shia scholars from Azerbaijan province in developing the scientific borders of Shia doctrine and said; “It’s hoped that the seminary of Eastern Azerbaijan will reestablish its scientific position.” 

Stressing that the seminaries of Islamic Revolution must preserve their valuable legacy, in addition to striving for developments, Ayatollah Arafi remarked, “The seminary must be truly scientific; the main privilege of Shia seminaries is their scientific power and ability to produce thoughts.” 

Head of Iranian seminaries further noted, “The Islamic seminary must be social and attached to the body of society in order to realize popular demands. If our society is dealing with certain social issues, it’s the seminary’s duty to correctly address them.” 

Reiterating that civilizational approach toward Islam must be promoted in seminaries, Shia cleric added, “Islam is a religion that is capable of addressing every possible issue and the Islamic seminary is also involved in promoting a variety of scientific subjects. The international perspective should be developed in seminaries and Al-Mustafa International University was established to serve this purpose. “ 


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