President of Al-Mustafa Open University:

  More than 2K students accepted into Al-Mustafa University

  date: 13/08/2017

  time: 13:40

  ID: 87041

President of Al-Mustafa Open University Hujjat al-Islam Husseini asserted that as many as 2389 new applicants were accepted into the university during last academic year; "al-Mustafa Open University accepted 747 applicants to study for associate degree, 1006 for B.A. courses as well as 636 applicants were accepted to major in M.A."

 "These accepted students included 1236 women and the other 1153 were men."

 Dean of al-Mustafa Open University further noted that these students come from 80 different countries worldwide; "Pakistan, Turkey, Iraq and Lebanon are among the major countries with the highest number of students at al-Mustafa Open University," he added.


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